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Ediofe Girls School Day 2023.

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Ediofe Girls School Day 2023.

St. Mary's Ediofe Girls Secondary School, Arua, commemorated 40th anniversary.

The Ceremony commenced with a solemn Holy Sacrament of Mass led by the Bishop of Arua Diocese, Rt.Rev.Sabino Ocan Odoki joined by a confluence of the students body, priests, government officials, school administrators and staffs, and the schools alumnae.

Bishop Sabino expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity to once again pray alongside the students, extending his gratitude for the warm reception upon his arrival. Recognizing the remarkable accomplishments of the institution over four decades, he extended his sincere congratulations to the school, notably upon the achievements of several former students who have assumed positions of responsibility within the nations governance. He said that this stands as a testament to the school's unwavering commitment to nurturing women of integrity and excellence. Encouraging the faithful in attendance, the Bishop invited them to join him in expressing gratitude to God for his forty years of dedicated service as a priest.He urged them to strive for virtuous character, emphasizing the significance of integrity. He also extended his appreciation to the visionary founders of the schools and the parents for entrusting their children to St. Mary'sGirls

The Bishop encouraged the students to excel academically, emphasizing the paramount importance of intellectual growth. He implored the faithful to nurture a sense of curiosity, directing their attention towards virtuous acts that profoundly impact society positively. In a poignant appeal, Bishop Sabino implored the media to embrace their role as agents of positive influence, sharing uplifting information that engenders societal transformation.

"Work hard to leave this school with flying colors. Work hard and pass well. Go out as a woman of intergrity ready to serve. What the world needs most today are people of intergrity. We should hear more about virtues, more about justice , more about good things but today our media are full of news which are so negative. Media people put more of positive news to influence society. I know negative news make news . And people are curious for negative things. We should be more curious for the good things that happens amongst us."

In his adress the Bishop also emphasized that the occasion served to honor the school's dedication to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Notably, he drew parallels between the recent celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the present commemoration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, stressing their temporal proximity. The former, he explained, symbolized God's profound love for humanity, while the latter paid tribute to Mother Mary's unwavering commitment and faithful devotion to God.

"My dear brothers and sisters , we are here to celebrate school day. And this school is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Yesterday we celebrated the Secret Heart of Jesus and so you can see that this two feast are placed very close to each other. The one of yesterday, the Secet Heart of Jesus, we celebrated the love of God for us. But today the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we are celebrating the life of Mother Mary, A live of faithfulness and total commitment to God.
Mary surrendered her life to God and committed totally to a life of God. This is a lesson to us. No matter who we are, the will of God is to come first. And as we do the will of God we are to do it with great love. So Mary in her heart loved God and her son. And she was a woman of intergrity. So you girls have a wonderful model. If this school is dedicated to Mother Mary it is actually an invitation to be as Mother Mary. It is not so much in the dressing but in the personality.We are to strive and labour to be as Mother Mary who is the model of our school."

The Bishop encouraged the newly confirmed to pray for vocations and seek out inspirational figures within their chosen fields to act as a guiding light.

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