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Vocations Department


Rev.Fr. William A'bukua

Vocations Director

                   About Vocations Department

1.0 Introduction: The Vocations Department of the Diocese of Arua was established for the purpose of fostering vocations to priesthood and religious life. The Vocations Director is appointed by the Bishop of the diocese for the duty of animating vocations in the diocese. The Diocesan Vocations Director is Fr. William Abukua.


Supported, empowered and matured candidate for the service of priestly ministry.


To draw and prepare young people to priesthood and religious life.


1. To create awareness about the vocations to priesthood and religious life

2. To prepare interested candidates and forward them to the National Formation Team in Uganda.

3. To mobilize resources for supporting the formation of the candidates to the priesthood and religious life.


Diocesan Vocations Director: Fr. William Abukua

Assistant Diocesan Vocations Directors:

1. Ediofe Vicariate Fr. Camillus Candini.

2. Lodonga Vicariate Fr. Emmanuel Asega

3. Moyo Vicariate Fr. Robert Owiko: MIDM


1. Pastoral Spiritual Year (PSY) Programme

Pastoral Spiritual Year (PSY) is a one-year period of formation for a priestly candidate outside the seminary setting. It is a period of integrating the various aspects of formation: “The Pastoral Spiritual Year focuses on the spiritual and the pastoral-liturgical aspects of formation, without neglecting the pre-requisite mature human formation. The seminarian has opportunity to practice what he has already studied, but also to realize that he still needs to learn. This year is also a critical time for him to seriously discern whether he still feels Christ is calling him to priesthood and, if so, where he still needs to grow. Finally the diocese observes the candidate’s fitness to proceed.” (Seminary Charter for Priestly Formation, 2009).

2. Restructuring of the PSY.

a. Orientation in June: Phase I

b. 1st August: Seminarians report to the PSY venue (parish or institution).

c. Phase II orientation in February or March.

d. Parish experience continues.

e. 30th June: PSY ends

f. Followed by installations in the Ministries of Lector and Acolyte.

3. Participation of the seminarians in the PSY from 2016-2021 to be Updated

4. Retreats and Recollections

In the last five years the venue for the retreat has been LODONGA SPACE CENACLE, in Lodonga Vicariate. The Vocations Department arranges for the facilitators, transportation to the venue, and ensures for the material welfare of the participants during the retreat. The Recollections for the minor seminarians from Pokea Minor Seminary is held at deanery levels during the holidays, in one of the parishes of the deanery or at a suitable venue. The priest or a pastoral agent in charge of vocations in the deanery assists the minor seminarians in the organization of the recollection in collaboration with the Diocesan Vocations Department.

5. Aspirant Programme

The aspirant programme is meant to initiate the candidates or the young people who aspire to join the seminary- minor seminary and major seminary. It includes sensitizing pupils and students interested in joining Pokea Minor Seminary and other formation institutions; orientations sessions are organized for them in various parishes in collaboration with the parish priests. The aspirant programme helps to know the candidate, his family background, academics standards and the right intention and provide them with basic Christian formation. Topics covered in the aspirant programme include vocational discernment, human maturity, and psychosexual development, introduction to reading the Bible, and basics to Liturgy. We did this in collaboration with Pokea Minor Seminary. It is mean especially to prepare extra-mural candidates for admission to the major seminary. Workshops and recollections are also organized for the students who finished senior six from Pokea Minor Seminary and are being prepared for the major seminary. During the workshops they are met and addressed by the Bishop Ordinary or his delegate. The Aspirant Programme has been undertaken successfully for the last five years.

6. Vocation Promotion Programme

This programme is meant to inspire and assist the Christian communities in fulfilling its mission of fostering vocations to priesthood and religious life. Every local church even at the level of the small Christian community needs to become sensitive and attentive to the pastoral care of vocations. This programme is a strategy that calls for all Christians to make a concerted effort to promote vocations to the priesthood and religious life, while encouraging and supporting those called to marriage and the generous single life. This is a continuous programme. The programme includes: creating awareness of vocations through social media (eg Radio Pacis); Visits to schools, institutions, families and parishes for vocations animation; Campaign of prayer in the parishes and institutions, particularly on the World Day of Prayer for Vocations (4th Sunday of Easter); Invitations to the individuals and the aspirants to participate in the aspirant programmes. We participated in God is Calling Programme in Radio Pacis to run this programme of Vocations Promotion. We also had started DARVAC Arua (Diocesan and Religious Vocations Animators Committee).

The Vocations Department is Fr. Tonino Pasolini, MCCJ


Vocations Department

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Arua-City, Uganda.

Tel: +256 774 470 223;

Email: Vocations@dioceseofarua.org

Website: www.dioceseofarua.org

Assistant Vocations Directors

Rev.Fr. Camillus Candini
Ediofe Vicariate
Rev.Fr.Emmanuel Asega
Lodonga Vicariate

Fr. Robert Owiko, MIDM
Moyo, Refugees & Migrants Vicariate