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Arua Diocese Local Development Forum.


All Parish Priests

Arua Diocese

Re: Arua Diocese Local Donors Development Forum Donation Appeal/Jege - Jege Solidarity Day.

Greetings and best wishes to you from Bishop's Office - Ediofe

Arua Diocese has Created a Development Forum with the objective of providing a plartform for stakeholders to share ideas, experiences, contribute and participate in the development planning, budgeting, financing and overseeing implementation of the development programs of the Diocese. In the forum, different stakeholders; Individaul, groups or Organizations such as Professionals, business communities, Civic and public leaders; within and diaspora are identified and invited to participate in development presentations and discussions. parishes, The forum aims at establishing a pool of Registered Donors and Ordinary local Donors who continously contribute to and Support the Diocesan development Initiatives. The first donation drive was launched on July 1, 2021 at the second donor's conference held at Bishop's Residence - Ediofe. The Registered Donors have already pledged over 14,000,000 (fourteen million shillings)only. The third Donor's Conference will be on December 30, 2022 at the Bishop's Residence - Ediofe. you are hereby encouraaged to identify more donors to join this cause.

The Jege - Jege Solidarity Day is a donation drive where every Catholic of Arua Diocese will be required to donate shs. 100(one hundred shillings) only every month to support the Diocesan Development Projects.
The name of the Day is "Our Diocese Our Responsibility". As agreed during the Priests' meeting held on November 29, 2022 at Christus Centre, the first sunday of the month shall be our Solidarity day for development and thus, second collections from this day will be dedicated towads the Jege - Jege donations.

The First Priority project shall be the construction of a nursing home for sick, retired and elderly Priests; we aim to provide better accomodation and healthcare to all our priests where need be.

I therefore encourage you all to launch the Jege - Jege Solidarity Day in the Zones, Chapels, Eucharistic Centres and Parishes with effect from January 1, 2023. Your Kind mobilization and appeal is very crucial for the success of this initiative.

All donations/Jege - Jege Solidarity Day collections shall be banked and acknowledged by the Diocesan Treasury. The Account details are;

Account Name: Arua Diocese Local Donors Fund

Bank Name: Centenary Bank

Branch: Arua

Account Number: 3203468362

Currency: Shillings


All Parish Priests

Arua Diocese

Re: Dates for Jege - Jege Collections for development in Arua Diocese for the year 2023.

The following are the Dates for our Solidarity donations for development in Arua Diocese

1. Sunday 1st, January, 2023

2. Sunday 5th, February, 2023

3. Sunday 5th, March, 2023

4. Sunday 2nd, April, 2023

5. Sunday 7th, May, 2023

6. Sunday 4th, June, 2023

7. Sunday 2nd, July, 2023

8. Sunday 6th, August, 2023

9. Sunday 3rd, September, 2023

10. Sunday 1st, October, 2023

11. Sunday 5th, November, 2023

12. Sunday 3rd, December, 2023

Do note that if the Collections are not made on the given dates, you can still do it on another sunday of the same month. Kindly Make announcements to the Christians of your parish about this new initiative. Give copies of this letter to all Zones and Chapels in your parish

Thank you for your attention, I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Blessed new year, 2023