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Celebrating Faith, Hope and Love

Aripea Deanery animates at Indriani

It was a celebration filled with lots of joy.  Hundreds of Pilgrims from Aripea Deanery and Pekele Parish joined pilgrims at Holy Cross Pilgrimage Centre Indriani to celebrate the monthly Diocesan pilgrimage on July 14th, 2019.

The main Celebrant was Rt. Rev.


New FLP Clergy ordained at Omugo Parish

His Holiness Pope Francis has called upon the Priests to be synodal, keeping in mind the teaching of Christ in their lives.

The Pope’s message was voiced for him by Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki, Bishop of Arua Diocese during the ordination ceremony of two Franciscans of Our Lady of the Poor (FLP). It was held at Omugo, St. Joseph the Worker Parish on 29 th June, 2019.


Over 70 received Confirmation at Micu Parish

A celebration that began at midday, the Christians of Rubu Talia Zone- Micu Parish were very excited to have some of their parishioners receive that sacrament of confirmation.

In his homily, he encouraged the young congregation to look at role models that inspire them to fulfil their vocation.


Blessing Grotto at Mingoro Parish

On the Holy Trinity Sunday, the Parish Feast Day of Mingoro Parish, a throng of Christians congregated at the parish to a blissful celebration to witness the blessing of the Grotto at the Parish.

The Bishop of the Diocese, Rt. Rev.


Love for God and one another

Christians of Arua Diocese have been advised that Christian life is all about the Love for God and one another. During his homily to the Christians at Holy Cross Pilgrimage Centre- Indriani, Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki, emphasised that the Cross is the most powerful symbol of faith and Jesus shows his gift of love for us on it. He said this at the pilgrimage on 14 th June 2019.


Be Good Leaders - Youth Advised

Over 50 Youth Leaders in Arua Diocese who underwent a four-day Diocesan Youth Leadership Training, have been advised to share their new Leadership Skills and Techniques with others in their respective Parishes.

The Diocesan Youth Chaplain, Fr.


Launch of Counselling Ministry in Arua Diocese

‘’This is the day that the Lord has made’’ Indeed  a large number of Christians matched in the morning of 16 th May 2019 in celebration of the Official Launch of the Counselling Service (CCS) Program in Arua Diocese; a program that began in 2017. The celebration was made more lively with the Ediofe Cathedral Brass Band accompanying them in the match from Arua town to Christus Centre.


Vocation Sunday celebrations at Oriajini Parish

In a colourful celebration organized at St. Mary's Onzoro Chapel in Oriajini Parish with six couples for Holy Matrimony were gifted with special Rosaries blessed by the Holy Father Pope Francis, a book and monument of the martyrdom of Blessed Okello Daudi and Jildo Irwa on 12/5/2019 as the Christians joined the Universal Church to celebrate Vocation Sunday.


Outdoor way of the Cross by the faithful Catholics of Ediofe Cathedral-Arua

At exactly 7:00am today, Hundreds of the faithful had gathered Arua town street for the annual outdoor way of the Cross it being Good Friday. 

 This is a community prayer walk which is involves participants following the cross as it is carried by the religious representatives throughout the street during which fourteen stops are made where the faithful pray, this is called "The Station of the Cross". 

The prayers made


Celebration of Chrism Mass at Ediofe Cathedral

Hundreds of representatives of the entire Diocesan community and the faithful gathered at Sacred Heart Cathedral-Ediofe Arua to celebrate Chrism Mass on Wednesday 17th/04/2019 a day in every year given to priests in the Catholic Church. As announced by Fr. Feni….. , its a day usually held on Holy Thursday but days like Wednesday, Tuesday are not exceptional.


Pope Francis names new Nuncio to Uganda

Pope Francis has appointed Italian Archbishop Luigi Bianco as the new Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda.

Archbishop Luigi Bianco, the titular Archbishop of Falerone has until his appointment been the Apostolic Nuncio to Ethiopia, overseeing Djibouti and also in charge of Somalia. 

He was formerly Nuncio to Honduras.


Bishop Sabino Odoki confirms 117 in Aripea

There was excitement at St. Peter Claver Aripea parish as the Bishop of Arua Diocese Sabino Odoki visited the parish after three years on Sunday 27th January 2019 during a confirmation ceremony.

The Parish Priest of Aripea Fr. Tonino Pasolini in his remarks explained that since he arrived in the parish, he has not encountered major challenges.


Tribute paid to late Fr. John Sabo

Fr. John Sabo, one of the longest serving priest passed on; on 28th January 2019 at Arua Regional Referral Hospital after a prolonged illness.

He succumbed to diabetics, high blood pressure and dementia as explained by the Episcopal Vicar of Ediofe Vicariate Msgr. Casto Adeti.

In remembering him, the Diocesan Chancellor Fr. Norbert Azale and the entire body of the Clergy of Arua Diocese say Fr.


Support the Uganda Catholic Television-Bishop Sabino Odoki

Christians in Arua Diocese are on gear to raise funds in respect to the support of the Catholic TV project.

The clergy in the Diocese express high hopes about the Christians perception of the message the Bishop has delivered to all the Christians and well-wishers.

The Diocesan Vocations Director Fr. William Abukua says they are starting with sensitization of the Christians in order to grace the fundraising activity.



Work for Peace alongside Praying For It

Ever since a Christian initiative that founded the Week of Prayer for World Peace, it became an inter faith activity, and now welcomes everyone, of all faith traditions to take part.

GANAL an abbreviation which means, Gulu Arua Nebbi and Lira- Provincial Peace Week is an annual event which is a brain child of the Catholic Bishops from the Gulu Ecclesiastical Province.


Week of prayer for Christian unity

Christian communities need to become newly aware of their unity as they join in a common concern and a common response to an unjust reality.

That’s the appeal of Mgrs. Louis Ajusi the Pastoral Coordinator of Arua Diocese during the period in which Christians all over the world are in a week of prayer for Christian unity.


Blackmail, negative propaganda on Arua Diocese and Bishop Odoki are mistaken

By ACIDRI, Ernest Alfodi (Special Media Assistant to Bishop Odoki)

Catechist Sebastian Butele has castigated people, who have been, vigorously, engaged in the blackmail and negative propaganda about the Catholic Church, Arua Diocese and Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki, saying such people lack information and knowledge on the laws, policies and procedures of the Catholic Church.

Butele says, "people who blame the Bishop are making mistakes.


Empowering the GANAL Catechists

By ACIDRI, Ernest Alfodi (Special Media Assistant to Bishop Odoki)

A plan is being prepared to train the Catechists of GANAL on the basics of pastoral counselling skills and techniques. Catechist Sebastian Butele says the training should help to empower the Catechists to identify and tackle their own problems in their families, and in the families of Christians they lead.


Blessed Daudi and Jildo sowed the seed of Christianity - Bishop Wanok

By ACIDRI, Ernest Alfodi (Special Media Assistant to Bishop Odoki)

Bishop Sanctus Lino Wanok says, the blood of Daudi Okello and Jildo Irwa continue to sow the seed of Christianity in Uganda, as signified by multitude of pilgrims of Wipolo Shrine every year. 

The Bishop of Nebbi Catholic Diocese, delivered this message at the Holy Mass to celebrate the 100 years of the martyrdom of Okello and Irwa.



At the beginning of 2018, Arua Dioceseinitiated a professional approach to advance its desired future of evangelization and charity for all, by adopting astrategic plan (2018-2021). The strategic planning process commenced with a four-day retreatof the Diocesan Administration, Heads of Departments and Consultors who laid the framework for thestrategic plan.