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Pastoral Coordinator’s Office

The Pastoral Coordinator’s Office oversees the pastoral activities of the Diocese. Several Diocesan Commissions are under the care of this office: the Liturgy Commission, the Catechetical Commission, the Catechists Commission, the On-going Formation Commission and the Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue. Other offices in this Department include the Family Life Desk; the Catechists Desk and the Catechist Advisory Board.

The Pastoral Coordinator serves as Secretary of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. The office is located in the Christus Centre, Ediofe.


Before 1993, the Pastoral Department had no office space and the department activities were done by one person.


Goals of the department:

- Implement local and Universal Church Synods

- Coordinate pastoral activities in the Diocese

- Establishment of effective and efficient Pastoral Councils at all levels

- Promotion and animation of clerical and lay ministries

- Promotion of self-reliance in Christian communities

- Ensure co-responsibility and participation in the local Church

- Partner with other related departments in Pastoral issues

- Spiritual care of pastoral agents


To search for ways for the faithful know that they are the Church in the work of Evangelization.


A local Church, self-ministering, self-propagating and self-reliant living committed to Christ

Offices under this department are:

 - Pastoral Coordinator’s Office

- Family Life Desk

- Catechists Desk

- Arua Diocese Family Counseling Services (developing)

Activities of the department:

- Developing and printing Catechetical and liturgical materials

- Training and ongoing formation of Pastoral agents

- Counseling services for families

- Participation in Diocesan and Pastoral meetings

- Parish, Deanery and Vicariate pastoral visits

- Provision of pastoral materials to pastoral agents

- Retreats and recollection

- Pilgrimages

- Management of the pastoral Centres of Arua Diocese (Christus Centre, Maracha Pastoral Training Centre and Lodonga SPACE)


Pastoral Coordinator:Fr. James Edema
Phone:+256 775 803 085
Assistant Pastoral Coordinators:Fr. Richard Idrifua
 Fr. Marcelino Waigo
Catechists Desk:Mr. Gabriel Afidra
Family Life Desk:Mr. Robert Adrabo
 Ms. Joyce Draru Adrabo
Accountant:Ms. Catherine Anderu
Receptionist:Ms. Grace Eleku


Pastoral Coordinator's Office, 

Christus Centre,

P.O. Box 594,

Arua, Uganda.