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 Pictorial of Chrism Mass at Ediofe Cathedral
 Pictorial of Chrism Mass at Ediofe Cathedral 
Excitement as Bishop Sabino reopens Aripea parish

 Pilgrimage To Omach in Pictorial 
 Pilgrimage To Omach in Pictorial
 Pictorial of Ordination at Ediofe Cathedral
 Pictorial of Ordination at Ediofe Cathedral
 Pictorial of Ordination at Ediofe Cathedral


AruaDiocesan Youth apostolate office is a frame work for the Youth in the Catholic Church. It is a set of direction from the National, to the Diocesan apostolate downwards to the lowest   units where youth interact and involve in Evangelization of their own milieu. The apostolate of the Youth is a special ministry that calls for special attention and tailored programmes. While recognizing that the youth exit at different levels, and take an active role in the Church at different levels and in different dimensions, the apostolate or the ministry of the youth is a set out to cater for this special interest group in its diversities.


The vision is, self-reliant, committed and God fearing youth involved in the leadership and development of society.


To mobilize, organize, coordinate, evangelize and involve the Youth for integral development.


-          To adequately network and coordinate the Youth apostolate

-          To identify and build the capacity of the Youth leaders and animators through on going leadership formation courses

-          To increase access to quality and sustainable Youth friendly services

-          To organize Youth in order to participate actively in Church activities

Diocesan Youth Chaplain: 

Rev. Fr. Jimmy Apangu

Phone (Mobile): +256 774 423 595

Email: stdanielcomboni@yahoo.com