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Diocesan Youth Day celebration- 2018 in pictorial

Diocesan Youth Day celebration- 2018 in pictorial
  Ugandan Catholic Bishops meet with Pope Francis

 Centenary of Ediofe Cathedral Parish in pictorial
 Centenary of Ediofe Cathedral Parish in pictorial
Diocesan Youth Day celebration- 2018 in pictorial

  Vicar General

The Vicar General of Arua Diocese , Msgr. Primus Asega, is the Moderator of the Curia.

Email: vicar.general@dioceseofarua.org

  Youth Department

The Youth Department provides ministry to the youth of Arua Diocese. These include Seed Association, Young Christian Students (YCS), Kizito and other groups. The office is located in the Daniel Comboni Youth Centre, Ediofe.

The Youth Coordinator and Chaplain is Fr. Jimmy Apangu; 

Phone: +256 774 423595 / +256 794 423595 

Email: stdanielcomboni@yahoo.com, youth.coordinator@dioceseofarua.org

 Health Department

The Health Department oversees the Medical Care Institutions founded by the Diocese. These include Maracha Hospital and many health units throughout the Diocese. They also are advocate for health care in the society.

List Of Hospital and Health Centers

The Health Coordinator is Mr. Philip Asindua;

Phone: +256 772 360921

Email: health.coordinator@dioceseofarua.org

  Communications Department

The Communications Department includes a Diocesan Printing Press, a Diocesan FM radio station, an internet café and a video library. All services are located in Arua Diocese Media Centre, Ediofe.

The Communications Secretary and Director of the Media Centre is Fr. Tonino Pasolini, MCCJ. 

Phone: +256 772 315076; 

Email: tonino.pasolini@radiopacis.org, media.centre@dioceseofarua.org

For more information about Radio Pacis visit www.radiopacis.org

Education Department

The Education Department oversees the schools founded by the Diocese. A full listing of these is found on another page of this website. They also are advocates for education issues in the society.

List Of Catholic Founded Schools and Institutions

The Education Secretary is Fr. Andrew Inyaga; 

Phone: +256 772 649562.

Email: inyandrew@yahoo.com, education.secretary@dioceseofarua.org

Pontifical Mission Societies

The Pontifical Mission Societies include Holy Childhood Association, Society of St. Peter the Apostle, and Missionary Union of Priests and Religious (PIME).

The Director is Fr. Pius Yobuta. 

Phone: +256 782 727335 

Email: frpiusyobuta@yahoo.com, pms.director@dioceseofarua.org

Financial Administration

The Financial Administration of the Diocese includes a financial administrator and a finance commission. They develop financial policy for the Diocese and oversee the annual budget.

The Financial Administrator is Fr. Charles Idraku, MIDM. 

Phone: +256 772 348283 

Email: charlesidraku@yahoo.com, finance.admin@dioceseofarua.org

Land Commission

The Land Commission oversees the land issues involving diocesan property.

The acting commissioner is Fr. Charles Idraku, MIDM. 

Phone: +256 772 348283 

Email: charlesidraku@yahoo.com, land.office@dioceseofarua.org