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 Diocesan Youth Rally Day- 2018 in pictorial

 Uganda Catholic Bishops with Pope Francis in Rome
  Ugandan Catholic Bishops meet with Pope Francis

 Some of the DPC members during a discussion
 Diocesan Youth leaders, animators & Chaplains for training at St. Daniel Comboni Youth Center
Diocesan Youth Rally Day- 2018 in Pictorial

The Lay Apostolate Department oversees all the Lay Associations of the Diocese. These include Catholic Action, Catholic Women, Catholic Men, Christian Family Association, and some movements. The office is located in the Christus Centre, Ediofe.

The Lay Apostolate Chaplain is Fr. Denis Iranya, MIDM; 

Phone: +256 753 394033;

Email: lay.apostolate@dioceseofarua.org

The Lay Apostolate Coordinator is Ms. Marta Tiperu; Phone: +256 782 349630