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Opening of Mother Mary Junior Academy-Arua
Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial 
Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial
 Pictorial of Ordination at Ediofe Cathedral
 Pictorial of Ordination at Ediofe Cathedral
 Pictorial of Ordination at Ediofe Cathedral
 Pictorial of Ordination at Ediofe Cathedral
 Pictorial of Ordination at Ediofe Cathedral

Many Christians from the Diocese of Arua converged at Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral- Ediofe to witness the priestly ordination of seven Deacons and one Seminarian to the Deaconate on January 27, 2018.

Of the eightordained, Fr. Dominic Acema and Fr. Vital Atara belong to the congregation of Jesus the Divine Master meanwhile Fr. Mark Acidri, Fr. Phillip Andreku, Fr. Joel Angualia, Fr. Moses Apangu, Fr. PariyoTuzinde and Deacon Emmanuel Driciare Diocesan Clergy.

In his homily, Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki of the Diocese of Arua thanked the parents of the seven Priests and the Deacon for giving their children to the service of the Church.

The Bishop was also grateful to all the Christians who turned up for the ordination challenging the newly ordained priests to serve them diligently.

His Lordship Bishop Sabino focused his homily on the metaphysical nature of the Catholic Priesthood that is linked to that of Jesus Christ.

“…Jesus Christ as true God and true Man is the mediator between God and man. Jesus is the eternal High Priest after whom all other Priests participate. Their priesthood is purely a sharing in that priesthood which Christ possesses Himself and not through another….”

He reminded the priest that no one can therefore be a priest or function as a priest without this link with Jesus Christ the High priest.

The Bishop also called upon the priests to be undertaking the fundamental role of the priest to mediate between God and man stressing that the form of the ministerial priesthood.

“…the ministerial priest is a true minister precisely as participating in the priesthood of Christ. His priesthood not only makes them to be His ministers, it is the only reality by which they continue to be and to function as Christ…” The Bishop said.

In his concluding remarks, the Bishop also reminded Christians of the Diocese about the Synod that was launched on 8th December 2017 with a theme: “Growing together as a Family Church.”

He also announced that the climax celebrations of the Synod will be on 24th November 2018 that will also double as the 60th Anniversary of the Diocese of Arua.

There shall also be of the Centenary of Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral –Ediofe that will be held on 30th June 2018.