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Celebrating Faith, Hope and Love

Love for God and one another

Christians of Arua Diocese have been advised that Christian life is all about the Love for God and one another. During his homily to the Christians at Holy Cross Pilgrimage Centre- Indriani, Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki, emphasised that the Cross is the most powerful symbol of faith and Jesus shows his gift of love for us on it. He said this at the pilgrimage on 14 th June 2019.

The Bishop welcomed the new group of Sisters called Medical Missions Sisters a group founded in London by Mother Anna Dengel an Austrian lady. They are in five countries in Africa of which Uganda is one now. He also thanked the Madi people for keeping the holy ground for over 100years   The first Mass was held on 13th/05/2012 and the culture has stayed, every Month on the 14th, Mass is held at Holy Cross Pilgrimage Centre. End