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Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial
Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial
Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial 
Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial

New ordained L- R, Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Guma & Rev. Fr. Denis Roy Pariyo.

Bishop Sabino Odoki greets the newly ordained

Group photo at after Holy Mass

The South Sudanese refugees at Ofua 1 under Rhino Camp in Arua district have tasked the responsible Stake Holders /Leaders to help address the concern of increasing school dropout rate among primary pupils.

The refugee welfare council one admitted the fact that primary school dropout rate in Ofua 1 is overwhelming.

The refugees raised various concerns about school going age not attending school as follows:

        I.            The nearest primary schools are far from Ofua 1 i.e. Cinya Primary School which is 4km away and Vurra Cope is 5km away from the village. Children between 9-14 years old find it difficult to foot all that distance to school. Coupled to this, the children move to school on empty stomachs and lunch is not prepared for them at school.

      II.            Most of the primary school going age girls lack sanitary facilities to sustain them in school. Also late distribution of pads and insufficient number of packets (two) given once in three months which cannot take them through all the circles for the three months

Partners involved included Office of the Prime Minister and Vice LCIII Chairman, Uriama Sub County Amadile Emmanuel to respond to concerns raised by community members.

The Vice LCIII Chairman Mr. Amadile Emmanuel of Uriama Sub County said there is an alarming teacher to pupil ratio gap especially in Vurra Cope where there are over 3,000 children and only 24 teachers in the whole school. This has made it really hard for teachers to monitor the wellbeing and performance.

The Assistant Settlement Commandant, Mr Abili Moses urged the refugees to bear with the Government that is trying to ensure that they receive all the necessary services.

According to the Assistant Settlement Commandant, Mr Abili Moses by Ugandan standards the distance between a primary school to the next is 5km. He encouraged parents to send their children to school and provide the necessary requirements especially breakfast and food. End