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 Priestly Ordination in Moyo

 Uganda Catholic Bishops with Pope Francis in Rome
  Ugandan Catholic Bishops meet with Pope Francis

 Centenary of Ediofe Cathedral Parish in pictorial
 Centenary of Ediofe Cathedral Parish in pictorial
Priestly Ordination in Moyo
 Centenary of Ediofe Cathedral Parish in pictorial

The pastoral leaders in Arua Diocese have asked Christians to embrace simple Holy matrimony. This comes at a time when many Christians are running away from wedding in Church because of the extravagance associated with weddings in recent times.

In addition to the above issues, exorbitant bride prices before marriage have made many Christians to shun wedding.

However the belief that marriage is expensive has been refuted by spiritual leaders in Arua Diocese who castigate parents who take a strong stance on bride price before marriage.

Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki says the sacrament of matrimony doesn’t necessarily need to be lavished. “…Some Christians say they are not married in Church because they have not yet fulfilled their obligation. Therefore parents need to reconsider the issue of dowry because it can continue after marriage...”

Fr. Pius Yobuta the Parish Priest of Christ the King- Arua Town Parish says they are facing a big challenge as a result of people viewing wedding as expensive. He suggests that those intending to get married could embrace a weekday Mass in which their marriages can be blessed.

However the Family Life Desk Officer of Arua Diocese Mr. Robert Adrabo has tasked Christians to live within their limits. He notes that most of the complaints of ‘wedding being expensive’ come as a result of people who love to imitate other people’s weddings

He urges those interested in  wedding to consult the Family Life Desk for advice on how to plan for their own weddings. End