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Celebration of Chrism Mass at Ediofe Cathedral

Hundreds of representatives of the entire Diocesan community and the faithful gathered at Sacred Heart Cathedral-Ediofe Arua to celebrate Chrism Mass on Wednesday 17th/04/2019 a day in every year given to priests in the Catholic Church. As announced by Fr. Feni….. , its a day usually held on Holy Thursday but days like Wednesday, Tuesday are not exceptional. He continued to beg Christians to work together with their religious leaders that guides them not to go astray for they are only humans too.

Rt. Rev Sabino Ocan Odoki of Arua Diocese who presided the Chrism Mass and it being his 10th Chrism Mass celebration in Arua Diocese; very much excites him. “It is a Holy Week in the Catholic Church where Priests are called upon to renew their Vow of obedience and commitment to serve Gods people”.

The Bishop then gave a brief history of Chrism Mass and with it, referred to the readings of the day in the book of Isaiah and the Gospel according to Luke. He said the Sacred oils was made from pure olive oil seeds and in ancient times was used as a healing property and it was believed that when its applied the person felt better and stronger.

Three separate Urns of Oil were offered to the Bishop by the faithful, the Oil of the Catechumens, the Oil of the sick and Oil for the Holy Chrism and then the Bishop blessed each of them with a prayer. These oils will later be taken by the religious representatives of the various parishes under Arua diocese.

The Bishop then made his official remarks before his final blessings. In his announcements, he excited the Christians by gifting them with two new Parishes and one sub- Parish. He also announced his new members of Board of consultants. End