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Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial
Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial
Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial 
Centenary of Moyo Parish in Pictorial

New ordained L- R, Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Guma & Rev. Fr. Denis Roy Pariyo.

Bishop Sabino Odoki greets the newly ordained

Group photo at after Holy Mass

“A Bishop is a servant of God and he is called to shepherd the people of God.” “… sometimes people don’t have the right picture of a Bishop, they look at him as someone who has attained a social status”.

Christians of Arua Diocese joined the Universal Catholic Church to celebrate All Saints Day; a Feast to honor and celebrate all Saints.

Rev. Fr. Charles Idraku, the Assistant Director of the Media Centre of the Diocese said All Saints Day is a day to glorify Jesus Christ, who by His Holy life and death made the Saints holy through baptism and faith. He also commented that the day is to honor exceptionally the people who have lived worthy lives. Fr. Charles also remarked that all faithful on this day honor and give thanks to the Saints in heaven for various help.

In a reflection, Emmanuel Atiku, a Christian of Ediofe Cathedral Parish encouraged follower believers to remain faithful as he explains …’’In most cases we want immediate answers from God especially in our moments of sorrow and hence we divert our minds and deny our Lord when threatened, we have to learn from the Saints to be strong and die in our faith”...  End