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 Diocesan Youth Rally Day- 2018 in pictorial

 Uganda Catholic Bishops with Pope Francis in Rome
  Ugandan Catholic Bishops meet with Pope Francis

 Some of the DPC members during a discussion
 Diocesan Youth leaders, animators & Chaplains for training at St. Daniel Comboni Youth Center
Diocesan Youth Rally Day- 2018 in Pictorial

For the last five years, the different departments in Arua Diocese have been able to register some strengths amidst challenges while implementing departmental strategic objectives.

This was revealed by participants during a strategic planning workshop which was held from March 12- 17, 2018 at Christus Centre.

On another occasion, the Bishop of Arua Diocese, Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki pointed out that since the Health department of the Diocese has been relying on the old Diocesan health policies since 2010, there is urgent need to change them to meet the current needs. He added that there is need to review and amend the policies. This was during the Diocesan Health Assembly held at Christus Centre on April 12, 2018.

Currently, the health department has 15 health facilities including Maracha hospital in which the services have improved greatly. However, the facilities are facing challenges like lack of infrastructure and poor attitudes of the local communities.

Having developed new strategic plans for the different departments in the Diocese, the challenges that seem to be affecting the operations of the departments will be history. End