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Celebrating Faith, Hope and Love

Aripea Deanery animates at Indriani

It was a celebration filled with lots of joy.  Hundreds of Pilgrims from Aripea Deanery and Pekele Parish joined pilgrims at Holy Cross Pilgrimage Centre Indriani to celebrate the monthly Diocesan pilgrimage on July 14th, 2019.

The main Celebrant was Rt. Rev. Sabino Ocan Odoki, Bishop of Arua Diocese. 

In his homily, the Bishop encouraged the Christians to follow Moses' teachings and obey Gods commands and that they must read the Holy book too for guidance.


The Parish Priests and the Christian community from Aripea Deanery united to work together to see that the Pilgrimage was a success. The Bishop was grateful and encouraged them to continue working together for the development of the Church and the Diocese as whole. He called Aripea a model Deanery, he says a Church is a community so a stronger community makes a stronger Church and this can be made through such Pilgrimages.


The Bishop gave them good news that they now have a new Sub- Parish under Aripea; Katrini Sub- Parish. He also made it known to the Christians that there will be a program to fence the Pilgrimage Centre so he encouraged the Christians to work together with the Rector to have the Centre supported. End